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Our company, WorldWideServices has become one of the leading visa facilitation service providers, and the best proof of that are numerous testimonials from happy clients who got what they wanted: emigrated from the country, found a deserved job or simply saw the world in its true colors.

Interested in applying for a Schengen visa or immigrating to Europe? Or, perhaps, procurement of the residence permit in a EU country you like seems a bit too difficult? We will help you overcome the difficulties. The least you will receive is a professional consultation. WorldWideServices will take care of all troubles: putting together a full document package, applying to the consulate, mailing, phone calls – in short, everything that is necessary to have you not to worry about wasting your time and nerves, sometimes, alas, in vain.


  1. We provide only the services we can guarantee;
  2. High professionalism of our staff: we went a long way and got rid of the ‘pitfalls’ many still stumble upon;
  3. We offer perhaps the most democratic price-to-quality ratio.

Not enough advantages? Maybe, but such things as individual approach, shortest delivery terms and impeccable service are not something that needs to be emphasized: at WorldWideServices, all these things are provided ‘by default’.


Don’t waste your time waiting in huge lines, arguing with rude public employees and venting your anger upon your close ones. We will become your allies and always stretch out the helping hand.

Mexico Mexico up to 10 days.
Chile Chile 70 days.
Ireland Ireland 6-8 months.
Romania Romania 12 months .
Bolivia Bolivia 10 days.
Barbados Barbados 3 months.
Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago 3months.
Russia Russia up to 6 months.
Seychelles Seychelles 2 months .
Belize Belize 2 months.
Paraguay Paraguay 60 days.

The choice is yours: a mountain of problems or the bright light of the future!

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